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Do you love everything real estate? From market trends to property management tips to celebrity homes and the latest in interior design, the Marketplace Homes blog has got the lowdown. Along the way, get an inside look at a company that's on the cutting edge of real estate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be the Biggest Fish Splashing Around in the Smallest Pond

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Marketplace Homes on September 15th, 2016
Everyone loves a good entrepreneurial Cinderella story. We cheer for companies that start from nowhere and wind up revolutionizing entire industries. Unfortunately, this happens pretty infrequently. Nine out of 10startups end up folding, and while there is a long list of factors that contribute to this jarring statistic, I believe one of the biggest reasons for … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews The 4 Fundamentals of Finding the Most Undervalued Property on Earth

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Marketplace Homes on September 15th, 2016
Real Estate Investment News & Blog Marketplace Homes Reviews The 4 Fundamentals of Finding the Most Undervalued Property on Earth By Mike Kalis The best real estate investors are the people you see wearing shorts in the winter and ski parkas in the summer. You look at their decisions and think, “Are they crazy?” If your … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews how to Avoid Rip-Offs

Published on Think Realty;   Thanks to a rocky recent history, American real estate has been dubbed the “land of milk and honey” for foreign investors. Countless people from across the globe are scooping up American houses like they’re hotcakes, spending an average of nearly $500,000 per purchase, which far surpasses the average U.S. home … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews 5 tips for Going National When a startup gains a firm local footing, entrepreneurs often feel the urge to expand. But taking a company national isn’t something you can blindly jump into — it’s an important and tough decision to ponder. I’m familiar with the challenges — and benefits — of doing so. My company, Marketplace Homes, began as a local … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews 10 apps that should be on every Detroiter’s smartphone

  December 4th, 2015 I’ve lived in Detroit my whole life; like any longtime resident, I’ve seen this city go through exciting highs and rough lows. Today, after rising from the ashes of bankruptcy, the city is enjoying a vibrant rebirth. Whether you’re a Detroit lifer or a passionate transplant, you may be surprised … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews How Going Green at Home Will Save You Money

Published on How Life Living in a non-energy efficient home isn’t fun. Temperature fluctuations make you shiver all day and sweat all night, your electric bills fly through the roof, and you could even be endangering the livelihood of your loved ones — especially if you have young children or elderly family members living … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews 6 Tips for Negotiating With D.R. Horton

Published on:  Saturday, May 28, 2016 When you work with a large production builder like D.R. Horton, you can rest assured your project will be completed both correctly and on time — an ever-so-elusive two-fer when it comes to new construction. These companies build homes in their sleep; they’ve worked out all the kinks, … Read More

How Marketplace Homes Came to Control $300 Million in Real Estate With No Bank Loans

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:11 (EST) At the pinnacle of the housing market crash, I was the guy bankers loved to tell “no.” I’d walk into an investment firm, tell the first person I saw, “Hey, we should buy real estate,” and right on cue, a door would slam in my face. I’m pretty sure … Read More

Negotiating new Construction Homes

Knowing When New Construction Actually Makes More Sense With low interest rates, a lot of people are parking their assets in rental homes — and why not? Hands down, it’s a great investment (if you pick the right one). With ROI (return on investment) as the ultimate goal, potential investors can use a property’s “cap … Read More
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