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Do you love everything real estate? From market trends to property management tips to celebrity homes and the latest in interior design, the Marketplace Homes blog has got the lowdown. Along the way, get an inside look at a company that's on the cutting edge of real estate.

4 Steps to Create a Pet Friendly Home

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Marketplace Homes on April 29th, 2013
Having a home that is both pet and people friendly may seem like a challenge, but with a little knowledge and the right items in place, you can create a comfortable, visually appealing, and easier-to-clean home. The first thing to keep in mind is that creating a safe home for your pets is actually very … Read More

30 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Marketplace Homes on April 22nd, 2013
In honor of Earth Day, here are some small, easy, green choices we can make in our homes.  Choose three that you’re not already doing, and make a point to do them this year. Perhaps they’ll become a habit. 1.  Plant an herb garden.  It’s good to have a reminder around of where our food originates, and this … Read More

Rental Rehab

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Marketplace Homes, Rental Rehab on April 17th, 2013
My name is Jes and on top of being a Home Concierge here at the greatest work team ever, Marketplace Homes, I am a serial renter and design enthusiast. All things design inhabit a deep zone of my brain at any given time. I am slightly obsessed with all things mid-century modern, but that does … Read More

Open Mike: Why doesn’t everyone love me?

Posted By Mike Kalis in Marketplace Homes, Open Mike on April 10th, 2013
  So, my goal is to change the world with Marketplace Homes and “Create a Story worth Telling” while doing it!  I have set out to create a great customer experience for everyone.  I want to create a great work environment for our team.  I’ve invested all of my life, all of my savings, and all … Read More

How Short Sales Affect Your Future

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Market Trends, Marketplace Homes on April 8th, 2013
If you’re looking to buy a new home, one of the biggest hurdles in today’s real estate market is owning an underwater mortgage. Millions of homeowners across the country have completely lost the equity in their homes, which means they are in the unenviable position of owing more than the home is actually worth.  Nobody … Read More

Employee Spotlight-Cindy Banaan

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Employee Spotlight on April 3rd, 2013
Q. What is your title and when did you begin working at Marketplace Homes? Employee Happiness and Payroll Supervisor. I started in November 2011 as a very part-time payroll analyst. Q. What is your job description? I feel like I have the best job in the world—working with wonderful people to support them in all … Read More
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