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Since 2002, we’ve been creating real estate solutions that help people move into a new home no matter what their situation. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry by challenging ourselves to develop innovative processes that provide clients with the best moving experience possible.

We’re working day in and day out to benefit our clients, to foster growth in our builder partners’ businesses and to grow beyond the status quo. The key in teamwork – and to Team Marketplace, every member is encouraged to bring creative ideas to the table and discover new solutions. We are a company that wants to constantly push and stretch our limits to redefine our boundaries. We are a company that aims to make the lives of others better. We are a company that thinks beyond the big picture.

Why stop with just the world?

About Marketplace Homes

Mike Kalis, current CEO,
purchases Marketplace Housing

More times than not, we hear the words “it has to be too good to be true.” We understand why people may think this, but guess what? We have the opportunity to show them exactly how good we are. We get to make their dreams come true and that, alone, is remarkable.

Marketplace Homes’ headquarters
moves from Kalis’ home to corporate
office in Plymouth, Michigan

Marketplace Homes grows
from one employee to 21 employees

Marketplace Homes helps
420 families move in 2010

We encourage change in every way, shape and form. Individuals in our organization will never be comfortable with the status quo.

Mike Kalis is featured in
Crain’s Detroit Business “20 in their 20s”

Marketplace Homes hits 100 new
construction home sales

The absolute truth and fact is that every single person involved with our company wins, over and over again.

No question about it – our customers benefit from using our program; our partners experience growth in their business once they have partnered up with us; and our organization itself prospers as we strive to pulse and grow past any limits that we had ever deemed imaginable.

We’re all keeping our egos in check. We already know what our company can accomplish. We prove it over and over again, day after day.

We already know about the different kinds of awesome that operate within the walls of Marketplace Homes, so we go about our daily business striving for the best, as usual. It is the humility about our company and our jobs that makes our customers, partners and co-workers gravitate toward us.

Marketplace Homes named one of the “Five
Companies to Watch” by Governor Rick Snyder’s Michigan Celebrates
Small Business Awards

Then Solutions Manager Joel Parrott is
named Top New Construction Salesperson
of the Year by Builder Magazine

Marketplace Homes beats goal of 365 sales
with 544 new construction home sales

Marketplace homes helps
748 families move in 2011

January: Marketplace Homes sets goal
of 365 new home sales: one sale a day

Marketplace Homes is featured live
on Fox Business Networks

Marketplace Homes grows to 50
full-time employees

Thinking outside the cloud is how Marketplace Homes does business. The basic idea is to think beyond the picture. Why stop with just the world? We constantly push and stretch our limits to redefine our boundaries. We foster, encourage and drive ideas that help this process along.

Why not see the entire situation that our customers face and try to help them move forward? Why not help our tenants’ desire to own a home become a reality? Why not embrace the wants, needs and desires of our employees and make that happen?

We are a company that has nothing to hide. We believe that trust is the groundwork for any successful relationship, whether it is between salespeople, customers, builders or contractors.

Marketplace Homes is named the 189th
Fastest Growing Company in the Nation.

Marketplace Homes reports
annual revenue at $20 million

Marketplace Homes helps
1,727 families move in 2012

Creating a story worth telling means doing whatever it takes for our customers, partners and our company to make each day exciting. We do these things because in our story, helping to make the lives of others better is our mission.

Marketplace Homes moves to current 18,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Livonia, MI to accommodate company growth.

Mike Kalis is named Finalist in Crain’s Salute
to Entrepreneurs

Marketplace Homes named Real Estate
Company of the Year by the American
Business Awards

We’re comprised of a fantastic group of people who pick up on each other’s oddities and turn those experiences into stories worth telling. We thrive on those familiarities through tenacity and an out-of-the-cloud thought process.

Marketplace Homes grows to 90
full-time employees

INC Magazine names Marketplace Homes
Michigan’s Fastest Growing Company and
the 99th Fastest Growing Company in the Nation

Marketplace Homes helps
2,384 families move in 2013…so far!

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