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Do you love everything real estate? From market trends to property management tips to celebrity homes and the latest in interior design, the Marketplace Homes blog has got the lowdown. Along the way, get an inside look at a company that's on the cutting edge of real estate.

Marketplace Homes Reviews 3 Ways to Spread an ‘Intrapreneurial’ Spirit Throughout Your Company

Posted By Marketplace Homes in Marketplace Homes on February 22nd, 2018
It’s no bombshell revelation that employees love autonomy. After all, we live in an age of entrepreneurship, and it’s highly likely in such an environment that many of your team members are working on their own ideas. They see themselves as makers and leaders in their own right, not just cogs in a machine. That’s a … Read More

Marketplace Homes agrees that, New Technology Doesn’t Kill Companies, Oblivious Leadership That Won’t Adapt Kills Companies

It’s easy to laugh at the companies of days gone by — makers of buggy whips or VCRs, or even Blockbuster. The leaders in those industries didn’t see the demise of their industries coming. But with automation on the horizon, countless more industries could soon find themselves on the chopping block, too, if they are … Read More

In the Market for New Construction? Marketplace Homes helps you Find a Builder With a Trade-In Program – Realty Times

 The Market for New Construction? Find a Builder With a Trade-In Program – Realty Times Anyone who has bought a new home knows it can be an exhilarating but nerve-wracking process — especially when it’s a new construction home. The dream of making memories in a place perfectly suited to your family is exciting — … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews How to Recover From a Flood When You Don’t Have Insurance

How to Recover From a Flood When You Don’t Have Insurance Few could have anticipated a storm like Hurricane Harvey. The Category 4 hurricane caused widespread destruction to the Texas Gulf Coast, as well as unprecedented flooding in the Houston metropolitan area. Hundreds of thousands of people — many living outside traditional floodplains — were forced to evacuate their homes as … Read More

Marketplace Homes Reviews the 4 Types of Clients Your Growing Business Can’t Afford to Work With

Posted on Entrepreneur written by CEO of Marketplace Homes Mike Kalis To see how Marketplace Homes raises $5 Million in Growth Capital visit prweb   It may seem counter-intuitive, but firing certain types of paying customers could actually help your company grow. You’ve probably heard the saying “cash is king” 10 million times. Well, that’s because it’s a true … Read More

Marketplace Homes reviews 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

Posted on Bigger Pockets by Mike Kalis – CEO As a property manager, I’ve learned to ask my newest clients a valuable question: “Why did you fire your previous property manager?” I’ve heard just about every answer in the book. However, three particular complaints tend to crop up the most: “Their marketing was abysmal — my home sat empty … Read More
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